Our Future

“Seton Villa is a community. As members of the Seton Villa community, we respect and nurture the rights of people with disabilities to be active members of the broader community while pursuing their personal interests and goals.”

In 2017, Seton Villa embarked on the Building Our Future project, the long-term vision to replace our aging infrastructure with new, purpose-built facilities.

The Building Our Future project will see the creation of new,safe and appropriate home and lifestyle environments for our residents and our community.

Our Commitments

In building our future, Seton Villa is committed to:

  1. Continuing the mission and charism of the Daughters of Charity through our services for women with intellectual disabilities;
  2. Protecting and enhancing our strong sense of community and family,with a focus on quality of life and inclusiveness;
  3. Protecting the unique culture of Seton Villa
  4. Providing improved, contemporary, purpose designed environments for ourservices;
  5. Ensuring organisational sustainability.
These commitments provide clarity and focus, while securing and inspiring our future for:
  • The Daughters of Charity mission and charism;
  • Our ladies’ quality lifestyles, wellbeing and security;
  • Families and friends commitment to care;
  • The Board, staff and supporters’ dedication to serve.

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