Building Our Bright Future

Seton Villa is proud to confirm the commencement of our ambitious asset redevelopment plan, Building our Bright Future, the long-term vision to replace the aging infrastructure with new, purpose-built houses.


Seton Villa Asset Redevelopment Plan

Seton Villa has provided housing and supported independent living to people with disabilities in the Ryde LGA since 1966, moving into a series of shared homes in 1984. This move was revolutionary for its time, empowering the residents of Seton Villa to live in community while qualified staff supported their greater independence.

Building our Bright Future will see Seton Villa continue this legacy and leadership, with over $11m invested in the properties over three years, through a combination of funding form the Daughters of Charity and investment returns. The investment includes rebuilding of five existing Seton Villa properties and purchasing two new suitable properties in the local community, enabling systematic redevelopment of all houses. This investment will secure a sustainable and bright future for the residents and community, centred on active support and quality services enabling greater independence and capacity building.

The asset redevelopment by Seton Villa will directly support the City of Ryde Disability Inclusion Action Plan. Our properties and services are reflective of the needs of the community and respond to the City of Ryde key organisational objectives – to create healthy, safe and connected communities. Seton Villa supports the strategies to maximise participation by all and encourage inclusive and resilient communities.

Seton Villa has engaged Kennedy Associates Architects, leaders in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) design ensuring every property addresses the housing needs of participants in the NDIS. Partner Anthony Nolan from Kennedy Associate Architects has over 20 years’ experience with a particular focus on the provision of social and accessible housing.

We look forward to working with Government and the community throughout this exciting project. We will continue to communicate on further developments of the long-term redevelopment plan and welcome everyone’s support and engagement.


“After several years in the planning, the Board and Trustees of Seton Villa are very excited to finally be at the operational start of this multi-year renewal program. The building redevelopment works will result in improved quality of services through contemporary purpose-built accommodation for our residents. This is a real step change for Seton Villa. Together with our strategic plan, this work will be a springboard for Seton Villa’s mission to expand and grow over the next decade.”
Marco Colli, Chair Seton Villa

“The Daughters of Charity (Trustees) are pleased to support the strategic plan of Seton Villa to transform and grow. Seton Villa is a loved and important part of the Daughters of Charity’s ministry to people in need. The redevelopment of the Seton properties will enable the enthusiastic Board of Directors and Management to continue to provide great service to our existing community of women and to people in need into the future. We promise our prayers and support to this venture, and say with St. Vincent – the Founder of the Daughters of Charity, ‘We have to quicken our pace and redouble our ordinary efforts on certain occasions when the service of God requires it, and then God does not fail to redouble our courage and strength as well’, (Vll:198).”
Sr Celine Quadros, Daughter of Charity Provincial



1 Keiley Street Marsfield (below) is the first property for redevelopment. Keiley Street will deliver a new, high quality, high functioning, purpose-build four-bedroom house. Most important, Keiley Street will become a bright and welcoming home for four women with disabilities.

1 Keiley Street Marsfield will retain the name ‘Jenny’s Place’, in memory of Jenny Curran, a former resident of Seton Villa and member of the Curran family. The Bernard Curran Foundation provided the original funding for 1 Keiley Street and it is only fitting to retain the place name in recognition of the generous legacy. While the bricks and mortar may be changing, and the purpose of this property evolving, 1 Keiley Street is part of Seton Villa’s heritage and ‘Jenny’s Place’ is part of our bright future.

“This house kicks off a significant program of works to upgrade the housing stock for Seton Villa. The house is custom designed for Specialist Disability Accommodation and moves beyond mere compliance to explore the qualitative aspects of the design such as optimising resident engagement. What makes this project unique is the organisations direct link to the residents who will call this home. This is not developer driven, rather tangible care is at the forefront of the design process. The new house optimises engagement for residents with a sunny and private rear garden, and options for social engagement through multiple living areas and a central study. All bedrooms have generous outlooks of the garden or streetscape for a sense of connection, and the joy of simply watching the world go by. The house features safe and level access throughout to accommodate a range of resident’s needs. This house will be a positive contribution to the entire community.”
Anthony Nolan, Partner of Kennedy Associates


Seton Villa’s first newly purchased property is at 54 Lavarack Street Ryde. Kennedy Associates Architects has provided the following indicative montage of the new building and a feasibility overlay on the site. This five-bedroom home will be the first to include the two-bedroom ‘flat’ under the same roofline as the main house which will provide some increased independence for two of the five residents.


The third property in Seton Villa’s asset redevelopment program is located at 91 Bridge Road Ryde (below). This newly acquired property features a large (923m2) flat block with no trees to hinder construction of a new Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) residence. The new construction, once completed, will feature a high quality, high functioning, purpose-built five bedroom home. This new property sits almost half-way between Keiley Street and Lavarack Street so is ideally positioned as part of our growing Seton Villa community.


As at October 2020
The handover of our first two brand new Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) houses is imminent, with residents receiving the keys to their new homes on Wednesday 18 November 2020.

Residents will move into the new accommodation at Jenny’s Place (1 Keiley Street Marsfield) and Rosalie’s Place (54 Lavarack Street Ryde). The bathroom fixtures, kitchens, blinds and landscaping have been the final pieces of the construction process as shown in the following pictures.

The next significant phase of Our Bright Future is two more new SDA houses. Seton Villa has settled on our newest acquisition at 91 Bridge Road Ryde. The weatherboard cottage will be demolished and replaced with a new five-bedroom SDA certified home during 2021, similar in design to Rosalie’s Place in Ryde. Our current Tulip Street Marsfield property will also be demolished at the same time with parallel construction of a new four-bedroom SDA certified home.

As at August 2020
Construction at Keiley Street and Lavarack Street has stepped up now that the roof is in place for both properties and we are no longer subject to weather delays. Internal lining is complete at Keiley Street with bathroom tiling to commence shortly. Air-conditioning and fire sprinklers are currently being installed at Lavarack Street. Hand-over of both properties is currently scheduled for the end of October 2020, with residents from Culloden and Tulip preparing to transition into their new homes before the end of this year.

Our Commitments

In building our future, Seton Villa is committed to:

  1. Continuing the mission and charism of the Daughters of Charity through our services for women with intellectual disabilities;
  2. Protecting and enhancing our strong sense of community and family,with a focus on quality of life and inclusiveness;
  3. Protecting the unique culture of Seton Villa
  4. Providing improved, contemporary, purpose designed environments for ourservices;
  5. Ensuring organisational sustainability.

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