Seton Villa is a small organisation providing support to only around 40 people across all of our services. The people we support are nearly all women and do not present with challenging behaviours. We value our small size as it allows us to tailor support to meet individual needs. We are able to recognise the unique abilities and gifts of each one of the people we support. Each of our community support workers is also a key worker for one or two of the people we support.

We like our staff to connect well with the people we support to create happy homes for the residents and happy workplaces for our staff.

We also offer ongoing training and support to staff, through external training providers including TAFE and through in-service education. Where possible our policy is to promote from with-in and to encourage people to further their careers.

If you are interested in working at Seton Villa please to register for future opportunities click here If you would like to volunteer at Seton Villa please email us on