About Us

Our Mission

We undertake to provide a caring and empowering community for our clients with an intellectual disability, to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Our Vision 

We strive to be a caring ‘home-away-from-home’. Inspired by the spirit of St Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac and their service to those most in need, Seton Villa’s vision is to provide quality, person- centred support, in homes and through day services on behalf of the Daughters of Charity.

Our Values

  • Respecting: showing a high regard for the dignity of each person.
  • Individuality: ‘living out’ a holistic person-centred approach characterized by love and compassion.
  • Happiness: supporting our residents and their families to experience the pleasure, contentment and joy resulting from a comfortable and secure home and a fulfilling life outside the home.
  • Caring: being helpful and considerate, always doing a little bit more than is necessary and meeting the smallest needs of the individual and families graciously.
  • Empowering: supporting our clients to encourage and allow them to live and work to use their gifts and abilities.
  • Empathising: taking time to imagine what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes.
  • Listening and Hearing: listening attentively to others and providing opportunities for others to express their views and opinions about how they want to be treated. Talking openly with and hearing the families, friends, staff, whose opinions and expertise we value.
  • Companioning: travelling on life’s journey side by side with the people we support, their families and staff.
  • Collaborating: gathering local community services, government agencies, families and support networks to provide mutual support to achieve health, happiness and well-being of the people we support.